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Quarter Horse Castration Using the Henderson Tool, Pics

pre castration henderson tool 5 

This Method of castration is very easy to use. Although I was very skeptic in the beginning about it’s safety today I am very pleased with the safety, time and cleanness that it provides. My three “T”eees for surgery are Trauma, Trash and Time, It goes by all three.

pre castration henderson tool 1

I still have the emasculator always out, just in case there in a need for it, for instance a Cryptorchid castration that did not seam to be one at first, so I always have it ready.

pre castration henderson tool 2

pre castration henderson tool 3

pre castration henderson tool  4

castration henderson tool 1

castration henderson tool 2

castration henderson tool 3

castration henderson tool 4

castration henderson tool 5

castration henderson tool 6

castration henderson tool 7

castration henderson tool 8

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  2. You can also inject them if you don’t want to do the cutting. Do a little research. I was looking into doing it for corsican rams that I didn’t want breeding with my mouflons. Seems to be pretty low impact. I forget what the vet said to inject them with, but as I recall, it’s a pretty common chemical.

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  7. Why do they do casteration in first place?
    Dubai, UAE

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  14. Jon Soskis

    NO No…The venom of the coral snake is being confused here with that of pit vipers. Please do your research before posting information.

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